The Wayfarers Inn

November 16, 2012 Schedule

November 16, 2012

Currently, I am in the process of finishing a 1st level mini-adventure. Players will need a standard players handbook 1st level character. I am also in the process of fleshing out the Wayfarer’s Inn and the town of Dimension, and creating activities to do when a game is not in process. I plan to be in the room most of today until 11:00 PM CST, and just might have something to run if someone stops in looking for a game. But tomorrow, November 17, 2012, I will definitely be ready to run the first mini-adventure I created for The Wayfarer’s Inn. The time is from 5:00 PM CST to 11:00 PM CST. This is a 6 hour window of opportunity, meaning, that the game will start any time after 5:00 PM CST depending on if I have players. I can DM no later than 11 PM CST. The mini-adventure will need about 2 to 3 hours to complete. I will run this adventure as a solo adventure if only one person registers to play, or with up to 4 players as a group. If nobody registers for it by 8 PM CST, then I will not run it this day. So, if you want to play in this game, or any other game that I host, you will need to do the following…

Register at

Create a character and enter it into the character sheet that Infrno provides for use with their game tables. I recommend that you create a 1st, a 5th, and a 10th level character to use when you plan to play in my games. This is because I plan to run different level mini-adventures and tournament events on any given day, so it is best to be ready in advance.

Register at the Wayfarer’s Inn Gameroom. Wayfarer’s Inn. Use the 3rd link down in the left-hand sidebar Navigation menu called “Registration desk” to do this.

Enter the game table. Using the same URL above in step 3. Use the 1st link down in the left-hand sidebar Navigation menu called “Game table” to do this.

Now you should be in the gameroom where someone will be able to explain how to upload your character to the gameroom, and help you learn how to use the gameroom features. If nobody is in the room, then you can wait around, or come back in 30 minutes. I usually leave a note to explain where or what I am doing if I am AFK during the times I am normally in the room. Well that’s it for today’s event schedule. I hope you come and check us out.



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