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About This Game:

Imagine that the Wayfarer’s Inn is a hub. From this hub are spokes that fan out into the unknown. Those spokes are campaigns, adventures, mini-adventures, and tournaments that any gamemaster can run or players can join in on.

Can’t find a game? Keep reading this! Then, enter the game table at the Wayfarer’s Inn Gameroom. I have created the Wayfarer’s Inn for gamers like myself who are having a hard time finding an immediate game when they want to run or play a game.

I want the gameroom to be a place where a gamer can not only hangout to find a game, but be able to play a mini-adventure, or test a character against another character in a PvP style battle, or even play some barroom games of chance whenever there is a lull in the action. How many times do you come to Infrno looking for a game but there is nothing to play or even do? I want to change that! I want to create a common place for folks to hang out, and have something to do at any given time of the day. Why here, and not in the general chatroom of the homepage of Inferno? Well, why would one want to sit in a text chatroom when a gameroom offers voice and video options and an actual gaming environment?

How it Works:

Sure I can’t be in the gameroom 24/7 but I can host the room and leave it open for people to come and go as they please. I also don’t want to be the only one to offer stuff to do. Anybody can start something happening.

When I am on, I plan to run some tournament style mini adventures, taproom games, and even gladiatorial events where one can pit themselves against any number of beasties. I also intend to post a weekly schedule of my events, and anyone else’s events, so you will know what is happening here in the gameroom.

Have some good ideas? Want to help? Get with me and we will discuss it.

Get started by checking our Game Schedule.

Home Page

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